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Will is still in France and won't be back for another five days. Thank goodness for video chat!
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Sunday Snapshot #1

After perusing an old hard drive I came across a ton of old photos of my family throughout the years.  I haven't seen a lot of these photos since I originally scanned them into my old PC when I was in high school.  While looking at them I thought it would kind of be interesting to post one every Sunday and talking about what I might remember from when the photo was taken, or in many cases memories of what my mom told me about the photo.

I'm excited about going down memory lane once a week.  I just hope other people find these posts entertaining (I was a child of the mid 80's so I'm sure you can imagine the fashion of the time) or at least interesting.

So without further ado I give you the first Sunday Snapshot.
I think I was around three or four years old and the only thing I can remember was being incredibly jealous of my brother's amazing shirt.  And on a side note, check out my mom's insanely huge glasses! I kind of love them :)

 Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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friday loves

This addition of friday loves is going to be more like friday love.  I don't know how many of your listen to NPR or watch PBS, but I absolutely love both of them.  Anytime I am in my car I have NPR on, in fact I think NPR is the only station my car radio actually has programed.

I grew up listen to such shows as Car Talk, Morning Addition, and Fresh Air with my parents.  Granted the 7 year old me was not a happy camper having to listen to news programs, but the 27 year old me is so happy my parents made me listen to those programs.  But thankfully there were shows on PBS that the 7 year old me (and the 27 year old me) loved to watch, such as Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street.

Grover has always been my absolutely favorite monster! 

It brakes my heart that there are some people in Congress that are trying to eliminate funding for public broadcasting.  I think the work they are doing is so very important.  So if you feel so inclined check out the graph below on Why PBS should be saved, and then maybe pledge your support.

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Not sure what to do with myself

Will is currently in France, he is showing his documentary at a festival.  The festival actually flew him out, which is amazing!  Unfortunately I was not as lucky, and couldn't afford a ticket so I am stuck at home by myself.  This is actually first time I've ever had the house to myself, and the first time Will and I have been apart for longer than a day in over a year! So needless to say it feels very odd.  I'm not sure what to do with myself.  Thankfully I do have some more weddings to edit as well as a coupe more little wonderful creatures to make for our Youtube videos. I think that should keep me busy for a couple of days.

The only thing I am sure of is that at some point of time this has to happen!

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Bessie Higgenbottom reporting for duty!

Last week I have started taking over Will's wedding video edits, since he has been getting a lot of other editing work.   Having some extra money in my pocket and to put into the house fund is always a good thing. 

Now because editing can be very time consuming with the amount of renders the video has to go through,  I end up having a lot of down time,  so I have started to rely heavily on the good old Netflix instant view.  I usually try to find something that isn't so interesting that I get distracted from my work, but also not so boring that when I am rendering I start surfing the internets, because I tend to lose quite a bit of time on sites such as Reddit and other silly sites.

While looking for something today to have on I came across the Nickelodeon show The Mighty B!
I remember seeing a couple episodes a while back when I used to nanny and thinking it was pretty funny.  So I was pretty excited when I found the first season on Netflix instant view, needless to say.

I  really like the fact that the main character is the show is a girl, Bessie, who is a wonderfully quirky, slightly bizarre and not completely girlie.  Growing up I don't remember there being any cartoons that actually had this type of female lead, and being a not extremely girlie kid I would have loved having a show like this one, which is probably one of the major reason why I enjoy it so much now!

I think Will thinks I am a bit of a nutter, but he knew what he was getting into, haha!

What are your favorite current cartoons or cartoons from when you were a kid?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

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friday loves

So since my last entry things have gotten a little better in the house hunting, I've kind of realized that I can't get upset over every house, cause otherwise I will drive myself insane.  I know we will eventually find the perfect house for us, it's only a matter of time.
If you know anything about me, you know I pretty much love all things owls! And with this little guy only being $1.50 I think it is a must have!
(via: Forever 21)
I love how serious this is!
(via: Geekologie)
This recut trailer is fantastic! 
(via: YouTube)
I am in love with these shoes! And I think I will get them with so of the birthday money I received :)
(via: Roxy)

I'm keeping this short and sweet this week so I can spend the next hour or so looking at houses before I have to get to work.

Hope you all are having a wonderful friday!

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friday loves

Ok I'm all rested up and am back for some friday loves action :)
This book contains some of the best vegan cupcake recipes I have ever tried!
(via Amazon)
This 50s wallpaper is wonderful!
(via Design Sponge)
Now this is just super silly, and totally something I would love to have!
(via Fred Flare)
Ahhh, I want these decals for my computer!
(via SkinAt)
Ever since I was little I have loved Garfield so I would totally love to rock this shirt.
(via Forever 21)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

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Super MIA

Eck! This has got to be the longest disappearing act I have ever done.  Sorry.  I have been so unbelievable busy the last couple of weeks, it has been crazy!

Will and I just got back from our three week extravaganza in Phoenix AZ.  I'm still pretty exhausted, but I thought I would share a couple pictures with you all, and hopefully get back on a better blogging schedule this week.
P Bear and Will
One of our newest video creations.

Hope everyone has been doing well.

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