3 years!

Will and I are celebrating third anniversary today.  It's kind of crazy because sometimes it feels like we've been together a lot longer, but isn't that how it always go :)
Happy Anniversary Sir!

x's and o's

friday loves sick addition

So I am starting to feel better, but unfortunately my nasty cold has taken decided to try to conquer Will's body.  Poor guy.

So I give my friday loves sick addition :)
This stuff is pretty wonderful, I am almost positive it helped kick my cold in the butt sooner.

I'm not the biggest fan of the taste but my throat and lungs sure love them.
I want to kiss the person who invented this stuff!
Can't go wrong with some extra Vitamin-C
Netflix instant view on the Wii is the most wonderful thing when your sick and you can't sleep
Hopefully tomorrow we will both be feeling better.

x's and o's


Well I have been sick the last two days and have been stuck in bed.  I have myself one icky cough, a whole bunch of sinus congestion and a horrible headache that just won't go away, no matter what I try.  But Will has been pretty great, the other day he brought me home some Emergen-C and a box of chocolates.  He sure knows how to take care of this sick little lady.

Hopefully I am all better by the time we leave on our trip next week.  In the meantime thank goodness for Netflix!


Today is my grandma Lea's 91st birthday!  
My brother and my mom with Lea probably about 29 years ago.

Apologies again

So once again I missed Friday Loves, but at least this time I have a pretty good excuse, well at least I think it is a pretty good one.

Will and I spent all day yesterday filming a new video for our youtube channel, must say its looking pretty darn adorable so far! Now I don't want to give too much away but I will share one part that was pretty funny just because of how wrong it went!

So for this video I need to make a little tiered cake, simple enough right?  Well I got it in my silly head that it would be really cute if this little cake was a tiered cake.  I mean seriously what is cuter than a tiny little tiered cake! So I started making simple white cake batter and it went down hill quickly from there, haha! While making the batter the bowl somehow came unlocked from the mixer and threw flour all over.  So I cleaned it up made sure the bowl was locked into place this time and started over.  Once the batter was all mixed I decided I would make a rainbow colored cake, so put the batter in different bowls and I got out some food coloring.  However when I squeezed the food coloring bottle it sprayed everywhere but in the bowl, haha!  And then the poring of the batter into the pan was a fiasco as well!  And sadly it didn't end there.  Our oven has a slight lean to it, not a bad one but it is noticeable when baking, but it has never been a real problem until the other day.  I was not expecting as much rise with the cake as I got, and it kind of exploded over one of the sides of the pan, haha!

The end results of the whole debacle...
On a side note did you know they no longer put the sprinkles in the Funfetti frosting, but rather just give you a thing of white frosting and a bag of sprinkles.  I was saddened!
Regardless of how it looks it sure tastes yummy!
x's and o's