Five days into the New Year

Does anyone else have Death Cab for Cutie's start playing in their heads whenever they hear the words New Year?  It seems like pretty at least once a day during this time of the year I start singing in my head "So this is the new year..." with all the music swells, haha!  Hopefully I'm not the only one that this happens to on a regular basis.

Anyways with this being the beging of a new year, and the start of all new and shinny adventures that I am excited to share with everyone, one in particular I am extremely proud of!  I've been kind of hinting at, or rather mentioning that I had something exciting coming up.  And now I can finally share it with you all!!

I wrote and illustrated my very own children's book!!! 
The Musical Adventures of Mr. Caterpillar

Ok I tend to get a little bit too excited when talking about it! But I am just so happy and proud about it.  I worked for months pretty much every day trying to get it just right, and it is finally done! 
Will surprised me and did the website and I think it looks spectacular!! 

Check out the whole website and some pages of the book at!  

Hope everyones new year so far has been wonderfully and shinny so far!

x's and o's


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