snail mail

To me there is nothing more wonderful than receiving a hand written letter! Not that emails aren't wonderful as well, but there is something about that little bit extra time taken to write out the letter, addressing an envelope and placing it out in the mailbox, that makes it so much more special.

I love writing letters to my friends, I try to get out a couple letters out every year to all of them.  However I have been told in the past, not by my friends whom I write to mind you, but others who have seen my hand writing, that my hand writing skills are less than desirable.  Haha! Now I honestly take no offense to such a comment, because sadly it is true, my had writing pretty much looks like a small child wrote it during an earthquake!  But I'm ok with that, after years of trying to change/improve my penmanship and always  reverting back to my earthquake-ridden I've grown to love just how unique my hand writing is truly.

Let me know if you ever want some snail mail of your own :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

x's and o's

Friday Loves

So I decided I no longer enjoyed the title Favorites Friday, so I have switched it to Friday Loves, but everything else is still the same.  Now if only I can actually get these posts to actually happen every Friday, haha.

So without further adue I give you Friday Loves, the television adition...
Parks and Recreation! I am so happy this show is back! The fist season was a little rocky but by the second season they had hit their mark.  And this new season has already blown it out of the park!

Portlandia.  This show is amazingly wonderful. And according to my friend Lex who lives in Portland surprisingly very accurate.

Community! Probably one of the best written comedy shows on TV right now.  If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go watch the whole first season! You won't be disappointed!

Fringe is absolutely fascinating.  The crazy and bizarre story lines the writers come up with along with the superb acting of the whole cast will have you coming back week after week.

30 Rock! Need I say more?

What are some of your favorite shows?  Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

x's and o's

Silver lining

Well my balloons are at half flight now, so things are looking up.

I sold a couple more of my books, which always feels nice.  And it snowed last night, so everything thing looks all wonderfully bright with a fresh new layer of snow.

I'm also pretty happy that in less than a month Will and I will be heading back to Arizona to visit my family!  I haven't been back in about a year, so I am really excited!  Lots of good times shall surely be had.

Also Will and I have come up with some truly wonderful ideas for new music videos, that we are going to shoot while out in AZ.  I can't wait to film them, because I must say they are going to be pretty amazing (as long as we can pull them off, haha!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

x's and o's

PS Will also showed me this video the other day and it really brought a smile to my face, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Gloomy skies here I come

Today has been one of those days where you realize that all of your lovely and grand dreams have popped right infront of your face.  Well maybe not popped completely more like the helium has fizzled out so they are are only slightly off the ground because the weight of the string has become to heavy.  I'm trying not to let it get me too down or stress me out too much, but the knots in my stomach tell me I'm not doing a very good job.

C'est la vie, tomorrow is another day and who know maybe while I'm a sleep tonight Carl Fredicksen will come and refill my balloons.


So I decided it was time for time for a change so I chopped off my hair.                            
I think it looks pretty darn wonderful :)

x's and o's

Recentish outings

A couple weeks ago we made one of our little trips out to DC to visit my dear friend Hannah.  We have a little list of museums and things that we want to go visit together.  So far we have done The Museum of  Natural History, the National Portrait Gallery and after our recent trip we get to cross off the Zoo and the Newseum.

Here are some photos for the adventures...
Will has some crazy eyes happening in this picture and the next one too, haha!

x's and o's

Five days into the New Year

Does anyone else have Death Cab for Cutie's start playing in their heads whenever they hear the words New Year?  It seems like pretty at least once a day during this time of the year I start singing in my head "So this is the new year..." with all the music swells, haha!  Hopefully I'm not the only one that this happens to on a regular basis.

Anyways with this being the beging of a new year, and the start of all new and shinny adventures that I am excited to share with everyone, one in particular I am extremely proud of!  I've been kind of hinting at, or rather mentioning that I had something exciting coming up.  And now I can finally share it with you all!!

I wrote and illustrated my very own children's book!!! 
The Musical Adventures of Mr. Caterpillar

Ok I tend to get a little bit too excited when talking about it! But I am just so happy and proud about it.  I worked for months pretty much every day trying to get it just right, and it is finally done! 
Will surprised me and did the website and I think it looks spectacular!! 

Check out the whole website and some pages of the book at!  

Hope everyones new year so far has been wonderfully and shinny so far!

x's and o's