Post Thanksgiving

Will and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my family, and I am still completely stuffed from all the wonderfully delicious and rich food we consumed.  I always love meeting up with my family on vacations because I never have to plan or worry about anything, because everyone else has it already planned out so I just get to enjoy the ride.

Here are a couple of photos of Will, my brother Brian and my sister in law Devra at Dealey Plaza.  My brother was/is a huge JFK conspiracy buff so he wanted to take us there since none of us had ever been there before.
The way this photo came out almost makes it seem like Brian and Devra where there in 1963
 I thought it was kind of bizarre that someone put a sign saying 'grassy knoll' on the grassy knoll
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, now it's time to get ready for Christmas!

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