So the other day Will's parents cat Goose went missing.  She has always been part indoor and part out door, so it was a normal thing to let her out whenever she wanted to go out; however, the other night when she was let out for the evening she was not at the back door the in the morning for her milk.  At first we weren't too worried thinking she would be back by the end of the day.  Unfortunately she was not, which started to worry everyone especially because that night it was suppose to get below freezing.  We all took to the woods and the fields around the house in hopes of finding here with no luck.  The next morning came and went with no Goose, and the worst started to set in.

I ended up making some signs to put up around the neighborhood in hopes of finding here, but we were only expecting the worst.  Then to all of our delights Goose showed up at the back door only hours after putting up the signs (I think she might have seen them and realized she the worry she was causing, haha!)  And before we could get the signs down the next morning we got a call from one of the neighbors saying they think she had gotten stuck in the attack on an addition they are building.  I'm not sure how she managed that.

In any case Goose has returned and all is right with the world, and I think I might have found my calling making kind of ridiculous missing cat signs.  I figured people would be more likely to read the sign if it wasn't your typical sign, so without further adue I give you my debut collection (and went it comes to Goose I hope my last)
I totally went the route of 'crazy cat lady' with this poster,  hence me putting Will's number as the contact, haha! But as long as it catchs peoples attention it's all good right? Haha!

I'm so happy she came back!!

x's and o's


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