Once again I have neglected my blog postings, but things have been a little bit on the crazy side here so I hope all will be forgiven.

And now a little update on all things December.   So this was the first Christmas I was not going to be with my dad (who myself as well as my friends refer to as either Papa Bear, or P Bear) and the rest of my family, which might not sound all that big, but it was huge for me.  I've never missed a Christmas, or pretty much any other major holiday with P Bear in 25 years!  That's a quarter of a decade!  But sadly living on the other side of the country makes it harder to get back to Arizona come holidays, but I did get to see him in Texas over Thanksgiving, and Will and I will be going out to Arizona for about 3 weeks come February, so it is not so bad.   And I ended up having an absolutely wonderful Christmas with Will and his parents.  Will's mom got me lots of Southwest cooking goodies to make it feel more like home for me!

Then on Christmas night we drove 13 hours up to Maine to spend time with Will's extended family.  I really lucked out on this trip and didn't have to drive at all, seeing how we took the big diesel manual truck, so I turned the back seat into a makeshift bed and slept most of the way up.

And now for some pictures, courtesy of my fella.
All bundled and ready for some sledding! 
Will heading down a wonderful hill!

Sledding from Will Hyler on Vimeo.
A little video Will made of our sledding adventures! 
Our snowman family
The absolutely breathtaking view from Will's aunts house
Me getting a wonderful snow shower, haha!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year too!

x's and o's


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