Christmas Cards

Every year since Will and I have been together we have made Christmas cards for all of our families and friends.  Now when it has come to our Christmas card we have never been ones to go the traditional route, rather we go for simply silly and pretty ridiculous!  Because honestly why would you want it any other way :)
This was the first one we did.  We were going for a very awkward photo and I think we accomplished it, haha! I actually had this on my work computer desktop for a couple months, I think my coworks though I was a nut.
This was last years.  I made the sweaters we are wearing as well as the Santa beards.  I'm not sure what we were looking at though.
And this is this years!  We thought it would be extreme silly and a little creepy if we put Will's face on some gingerbread cookies, and I think we achieved it amazingly! 
It's kind of sad but I'm already thinking about what to do next year, cause it's going to be hard to top this years, haha!

x's and o's


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