Harry Potter

As I mentioned in my last post Will and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter, and we dressed up! So the theater was having a costume contest and I thought it would be really fun to compete in it and get all dressed up, especially because we missed out on Halloween this year (because our silly little town moved it to Saturday the 30th so the kiddies wouldn't be tired at school on Monday, and we were out of town until late that night. Boo!) So I convinced Will that it would be fun! Unfortunately we were the only two who thought it was a great idea, and we showed at the theater and no one else had dressed up, haha! After several minutes of panic and some embarrassment I got over it, and we both had a good laugh. And the highlight of night was winning the first, second and third place prizes for the contest, haha!
Will was Hargid and I was Rita Skeeter.

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