Time is moves quite quickly

I could have swore that my last entry was only two days ago, not almost a week ago! But I guess actually thinking aboutit, it makes sense seeing how who we were up on the mountain for four days where there is no internets.

The mountain was wonderful! Even though Will and I have been crazy busy we wanted to go up for a couple of days to pick some apples and try our hands at making apple cider, which I think we did quite well at not having a real apple press. We ended up probably making around a gallon and a half of cider, which was almost gone by time we left. Sadly the visit was all to short as always, but one day the house will be done and we will be up there full time. In the mean time we filled my car's truck full of apple and brought them back with us, now all I need to do is use recipes that only use apples, haha!
It was all cloudy and it made these pictures especially creepy looking!
I think this might be my favorite picture of Will ever, haha!
Now I must get back to one of the hundred different projects we have going on.

x's and o's