Sunday fun

Wow oh wow, these last couple of days sure have been busy ones. Will and I (well more Will than I on this one) filmed and put together a new music video in only 3 days! Like I said before we did a switch-a-roo with our videos, and had to make a new video for our Friday video on YouTube, and I must admit for only having 3 days to do this one it came out AMAZINGLY!!! Will really knocked this one out of the park with his special effects! I know I say this in pretty much every entry but seriously go check it out, like now! (I think that is the most demanding I've ever sounded, haha!)

Anyways after we finally got the video done and up, we decided to take Sunday off (for the first time in quite awhile) and did a date night. It was very low key but lots of fun, went and saw a movie and then went out for pizza. Here is the outfit I wore.

Dress: Forever 21 ($4)

Cardigan: Target ($10)

Necklace: Fred Flare (Birthday gift)

Leggings: Target ($3)

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ($50)

Now it's time to get back to working on the new video! This one is going to take a couple of days just to shoot, because it's another stop motion one! Eeee! I've very excited to get it done and share it with everyone!!

x's and o's

Cooling weather? It must be fall!

Jacket: Goodwill ($1)

Shirt: Forever 21 ($10)

Leggings: Target ($3 (?) I got them forever ago)

Shoes: Rose Bowl Flea Market ($10)

It has finally started cooling off and the humidity is almost completely gone which equals one happy Amanda! Growing up in Arizona the summers were hot, but at least we didn't have humidity! This has been my second summer living somewhere with humidity and it hasn't gotten any easier, maybe one day, haha!

The last couple of days have been pretty crazy for Will and myself. We have recently decided to create and upload a new music video onto Youtube every other Friday, however we had to do a big switch-a-rue with the original video for this Fridays, so have been working our butts off to get a new one thought up and shot for Friday, which is two days away, haha! The reason for the switch we are still keeping under wraps for right now, but I can say it is super exciting, and I can't wait to let everyone know!!! Eeeee!

Well I've got to get back to working the camera.

x's and o's

PS If you get a chance you should check out our latest videos up on Youtube because they came out pretty amazing :)


Chances are if you are reading this you already know me, but if you are new allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I'm Amanda
and this is my wonderful fella, Will.

Now for the shortish and sweet about me, I'm twenty-six, born and raise in Arizona, college graduate (BFA in photography), lived in Los Angeles for two years (where I met Will), moved back to Delaware with him. We are currently building a house in West Virginia, on a mountain in the middle of an apple orchard, and when I say we are building I literally mean we are building it ourselves. All the while we make music videos on Youtube, which you should really take a look at them because they are quite wonderful if I do say so myself, and I do.

This blog will consist of a large assortment of wonders I love, including but not limited too, fashion, music, photography, websites, videos, narwhals, dinosaurs and anything and everything else that tickles my fancy. Hopefully you will love them too!

Until the next post

x's and o's