Once again I have neglected my blog postings, but things have been a little bit on the crazy side here so I hope all will be forgiven.

And now a little update on all things December.   So this was the first Christmas I was not going to be with my dad (who myself as well as my friends refer to as either Papa Bear, or P Bear) and the rest of my family, which might not sound all that big, but it was huge for me.  I've never missed a Christmas, or pretty much any other major holiday with P Bear in 25 years!  That's a quarter of a decade!  But sadly living on the other side of the country makes it harder to get back to Arizona come holidays, but I did get to see him in Texas over Thanksgiving, and Will and I will be going out to Arizona for about 3 weeks come February, so it is not so bad.   And I ended up having an absolutely wonderful Christmas with Will and his parents.  Will's mom got me lots of Southwest cooking goodies to make it feel more like home for me!

Then on Christmas night we drove 13 hours up to Maine to spend time with Will's extended family.  I really lucked out on this trip and didn't have to drive at all, seeing how we took the big diesel manual truck, so I turned the back seat into a makeshift bed and slept most of the way up.

And now for some pictures, courtesy of my fella.
All bundled and ready for some sledding! 
Will heading down a wonderful hill!

Sledding from Will Hyler on Vimeo.
A little video Will made of our sledding adventures! 
Our snowman family
The absolutely breathtaking view from Will's aunts house
Me getting a wonderful snow shower, haha!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year too!

x's and o's

Christmas Cards

Every year since Will and I have been together we have made Christmas cards for all of our families and friends.  Now when it has come to our Christmas card we have never been ones to go the traditional route, rather we go for simply silly and pretty ridiculous!  Because honestly why would you want it any other way :)
This was the first one we did.  We were going for a very awkward photo and I think we accomplished it, haha! I actually had this on my work computer desktop for a couple months, I think my coworks though I was a nut.
This was last years.  I made the sweaters we are wearing as well as the Santa beards.  I'm not sure what we were looking at though.
And this is this years!  We thought it would be extreme silly and a little creepy if we put Will's face on some gingerbread cookies, and I think we achieved it amazingly! 
It's kind of sad but I'm already thinking about what to do next year, cause it's going to be hard to top this years, haha!

x's and o's

So Sweet

The other night I was perusing the good old interwebz when I came along this little cartoon.  There is something sweet and sentimental about this cartoon.  It's a really wonderful idea of life and death so I thought I would share it with you all.  Enjoy!

Jim Benton

Check out the rest of Jim Bentons work, which goes from adorable to the completely bizarre.  
And I love it! 


So the other day Will's parents cat Goose went missing.  She has always been part indoor and part out door, so it was a normal thing to let her out whenever she wanted to go out; however, the other night when she was let out for the evening she was not at the back door the in the morning for her milk.  At first we weren't too worried thinking she would be back by the end of the day.  Unfortunately she was not, which started to worry everyone especially because that night it was suppose to get below freezing.  We all took to the woods and the fields around the house in hopes of finding here with no luck.  The next morning came and went with no Goose, and the worst started to set in.

I ended up making some signs to put up around the neighborhood in hopes of finding here, but we were only expecting the worst.  Then to all of our delights Goose showed up at the back door only hours after putting up the signs (I think she might have seen them and realized she the worry she was causing, haha!)  And before we could get the signs down the next morning we got a call from one of the neighbors saying they think she had gotten stuck in the attack on an addition they are building.  I'm not sure how she managed that.

In any case Goose has returned and all is right with the world, and I think I might have found my calling making kind of ridiculous missing cat signs.  I figured people would be more likely to read the sign if it wasn't your typical sign, so without further adue I give you my debut collection (and went it comes to Goose I hope my last)
I totally went the route of 'crazy cat lady' with this poster,  hence me putting Will's number as the contact, haha! But as long as it catchs peoples attention it's all good right? Haha!

I'm so happy she came back!!

x's and o's

Post Thanksgiving

Will and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my family, and I am still completely stuffed from all the wonderfully delicious and rich food we consumed.  I always love meeting up with my family on vacations because I never have to plan or worry about anything, because everyone else has it already planned out so I just get to enjoy the ride.

Here are a couple of photos of Will, my brother Brian and my sister in law Devra at Dealey Plaza.  My brother was/is a huge JFK conspiracy buff so he wanted to take us there since none of us had ever been there before.
The way this photo came out almost makes it seem like Brian and Devra where there in 1963
 I thought it was kind of bizarre that someone put a sign saying 'grassy knoll' on the grassy knoll
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, now it's time to get ready for Christmas!

x's and o's

Harry Potter

As I mentioned in my last post Will and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter, and we dressed up! So the theater was having a costume contest and I thought it would be really fun to compete in it and get all dressed up, especially because we missed out on Halloween this year (because our silly little town moved it to Saturday the 30th so the kiddies wouldn't be tired at school on Monday, and we were out of town until late that night. Boo!) So I convinced Will that it would be fun! Unfortunately we were the only two who thought it was a great idea, and we showed at the theater and no one else had dressed up, haha! After several minutes of panic and some embarrassment I got over it, and we both had a good laugh. And the highlight of night was winning the first, second and third place prizes for the contest, haha!
Will was Hargid and I was Rita Skeeter.

x's and o's

Silly Animals

I admit I am a sucker for a funny animal video, especially a cat one. Will tends to make fun of me for it, but I know he loves them just as much as me! So I thought since I love them maybe some of you love them too, thus begins *drum roll please* Silly Animal Saturday!!! Truth be told this might eventually just evolve to not just silly animals but anything silly.

So without further adue, I give you Maru!!!

I seriously can't get enough of Maru! He is just ridiculous, I love him! I hope you got a kick out of at least one of the videos as I do!

x's and o's

Busy Month

Well I have officially failed at blogging regularly, but in my defense it has been a pretty crazy month. We once again traveled up and down the east coast showing Will's documentary, which is always fun, but can be super exhausting as well. We showed the film at a library that was as close to the tip of the Cape in Mass. as one can get. The town was your typical east coast summer vacation spot, and in typical fashion it was completely adorable! I know we have some pictures from that trip some where, but right at this moment I am have no idea where they are, so when/if I find them I will put them up.

After we got back it was time to celebrate Will's Birthday! We went out to a wonderfully yummy Mexican restaurant, with another one of our friends for the celebration. We loaded up on burritos and margaritas, and we made sure to tell the waiter it was Will's birthday so he would get the birthday song and dance and he got a little more we bargained for haha!

They were suppose to just dab a little whip cream on his nose, but ended getting more of a dousing, haha!

But the ice cream was delicious so all was forgiven!
Then walked down the street to the movie theater to go see Paranormal Activity 2, which was delightfully scary! I am pretty sure I almost broke Will's fingers from squeezing so hard, haha!

Last week we headed on over to D.C to visit with friends and to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which was absolutely fantastic! My friend Hannah ended up getting up getting VIP tickets so we ened up right near the stage!
Hannah and her husband Eric

Our super amazing view.
Our rally sign. We went with one of the silliest memes we had recently heard.
October was a crazy busy month but it was full of good times! But hopefully I will be better about blogging this coming month, even though I think it might be even busier than last month, haha!

x's and o's

Time is moves quite quickly

I could have swore that my last entry was only two days ago, not almost a week ago! But I guess actually thinking aboutit, it makes sense seeing how who we were up on the mountain for four days where there is no internets.

The mountain was wonderful! Even though Will and I have been crazy busy we wanted to go up for a couple of days to pick some apples and try our hands at making apple cider, which I think we did quite well at not having a real apple press. We ended up probably making around a gallon and a half of cider, which was almost gone by time we left. Sadly the visit was all to short as always, but one day the house will be done and we will be up there full time. In the mean time we filled my car's truck full of apple and brought them back with us, now all I need to do is use recipes that only use apples, haha!
It was all cloudy and it made these pictures especially creepy looking!
I think this might be my favorite picture of Will ever, haha!
Now I must get back to one of the hundred different projects we have going on.

x's and o's


Chances are if you are reading this you already know me, but if you are new allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I'm Amanda
and this is my wonderful fella, Will.

Now for the shortish and sweet about me, I'm twenty-six, born and raise in Arizona, college graduate (BFA in photography), lived in Los Angeles for two years (where I met Will), moved back to Delaware with him. We are currently building a house in West Virginia, on a mountain in the middle of an apple orchard, and when I say we are building I literally mean we are building it ourselves. All the while we make music videos on Youtube, which you should really take a look at them because they are quite wonderful if I do say so myself, and I do.

This blog will consist of a large assortment of wonders I love, including but not limited too, fashion, music, photography, websites, videos, narwhals, dinosaurs and anything and everything else that tickles my fancy. Hopefully you will love them too!

Until the next post

x's and o's